Life’s Journey

Installation SACHEN in der Dauerausstellung © Daniel Schvarcz
Installation SACHEN in der Dauerausstellung © Daniel Schvarcz

Biographies of Jews in Munich

Young visitors and youths can investigate the lives of selected Jewish citizens from Munich in the permanent exhibition. Using objects on display as well as written and photographic material, their biographies can be traced and put in a historical context. Together we talk about how much freedom of choice there was at different moments in time and what that meant for Jews living in Munich.

Contents/key areas: ethics, religious education, history, social studies, Displaced Persons (DP), diversity, emigration/exile, 19th century, 20th century, Jewish history, Jewish life today, Munich, the Nazi era, participation.

Workshop recommended for children aged 14+, secondary schools, vocational schools, other educational institutes


90 mins

€45, no separate admissision fee necessary

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