© Daniel Schvarcz
© Daniel Schvarcz

Our team

Jutta Fleckenstein
Provisional Management / Curator
Lilian Harlander
Provisional Management / Head of Collection
Angela Brehm
Press & Communication
Lara Theobalt
Digital Communication / Curator
Sapir von Abel
Curator of Education
Barbara Kontae
Visitor Services and Events
Verena Immler
Registrar for collections and loans
Yuval Schneider
Research fellow
Sarah Steinborn
Research fellow
Anatole de Ganay
Austrian Service Abroad
Inka Arroyo Antezana
Project Inventories of Synagogues
Dan Bondy
Project Inventories of Synagogues
Marco Hennig
Head of Administration
Evdoxia Tsiligiri
Administrative Assistant
Luka Sedlarevic
Junior employee
Peter Friedel
Technical Facilities for Museum and Exhibitions
Hasan Güneri
Museum and media facilities
Lorant Brendea
Building Services
Katharina Dubravsky
Theresa Neumann
Cash desk
Ulrike Heikaus
Curator (on parental leave)