History, culture and religion

Showcase with ritual objects in the permanent exhibition "Voices_Places_Times", Photo: Daniel Schvarcz

Highlights of the Jewish Museum Munich

Voices of Jewish Munich residents, a Torah mantle from Munich's former synagogue, an interactive city map with addresses of Jewish life - the JMM has a lot to offer. The highlight tour provides insights into the special features of the museum, tells about the architectural ensemble on the square and explores Munich's Jewish past and present. In the permanent exhibition “Voices_Places_Times. Jews in Munich”, individual focal points are worked out together with the group and object histories are examined. Our guides will accompany you expertly and will be guided by the respective level of knowledge and expertise of the group.
There will be a short thematic introduction to the current exhibition. This will give you and your group the broadest possible insight into the exhibition spaces of our museum.

Tour recommended from 8th grade (all types of schools), FOS/BOS, vocational schools, students and other educational institutions


60 mins

For up to 5 participants: €30 / €50
For up to 25 participants: €60 / €90
plus admission fee: €6 / €3 concessions, children and youths up to 18 years of age free

Planning your visit
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