Memorial to the 1972 Munich Massacre

In 1972, Munich was hoping to present itself in the best possible light at the Summer Olympics: radiant, young, modern, and cosmopolitan. The “cheerful Games” were suddenly interrupted when Palestinian terrorists took hostage of eleven Israelis on the morning of September 5. Two athletes were murdered at the beginning of the kidnapping, nine in Fürstenfeldbruck. In 2017, an official memorial site was opened in Munich’s Olympic Park, where information is provided about the tragic events, as well as those before and after the incident, and the victims commemorated. During the tour, questions on ethics in sport are addressed as well as public memorials and how violence is handled in the media.

The Memorial to the 1972 Munich Massacre was opened by the Free State of Bavaria in 2017 on the 45th anniversary of the event. The Jewish Museum Munich supported the project in terms of content, the City of Munich financially.
The Jewish Museum Munich offers tours of the place of remembrance that are also suitable for school classes from the 9th grade upwards.
We recommend booking the offer from a German level of B1-B2.

Languages: German, English, and other languages subject to availability.

Tour of the Olympic Park for adults and and school classes from year 9, level B1-B2.


90 mins

For up to 5 participants: €45
For up to 25 participants: €90
no admissision fee

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