Life and tradition

Kinderworkshop © Franz Kimmel
© Franz Kimmel

The fundamental elements of Judaism

The commandments in the Torah influence minor and major events in the lives of religious Jewish families. They play an important role in everyday life and on feast days, and give life its structure. But what are these rules, why do they exist and what do the mean to Jews themselves? The answers are as multifaceted as Judaism itself. Guided tours of the permanent exhibition take a closer look at various aspects of Jewish religious practices and explain their significance in everyday life and on feast days and holidays, as well as the key ceremonies in the course of a lifetime.

Contents/key areas: ethics, religious education, diversity, Jewish history, kashrut/kosher, comparison of religions, prejudices/stereotypes

Tour recommended for children aged 10+, secondary schools, vocational schools, other educational institutes


60 mins

€ 30, no separate admissision fee

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