Beyond the Canvas

Exhibition view "Picture Stories", portraits of Fanny and Lehmann Bernheimer hanging on a rose-colored wall, in front of them the bust of Otto Bernheimer on an illuminated display case, Photo: Eva Jünger / Jewish Museum Munich
Exhibition view "Picture Stories", Bernheimer family with Fanny, Lehmann and Otto, photo: Eva Jünger / Jewish Museum Munich

Jewish Identities in Portraiture

Portraiture has always been more than just self-portrayal. Portraits are an expression of a time and momentary social, political and historical records.

In the tour “Beyond the Canvas. Jewish Identities in Portraiture”, we take a look beyond the canvas and examine various Jewish identities in the current exhibition “Picture Stories". The focus is on the 19th century and the Jewish emancipation. The people depicted lie at the center of this tour: What motivated them? What contribution did Jews make to society in Munich? What gaps and breaks are there in their family histories?

Tours can be booked for the duration of the exhibition through 03/02/2025.



Tour of the current exhibition "Picture Stories" recommended from Year 8 upward (all types of schools), FOS/BOS, vocational schools, students and advanced educational institutions.


60 mins

€30, no separate admissision fee necessary

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