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picture: Felix Kris

picture: Reli Avrahami

picture: Oded Hirsch

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Family Files
Contemporary Photography and Video Art from Israel

June 9th throughout September 12th, 2010


Sixteen artists, sixteen families, sixteen "files". Each file holds a family life in its embrace. An entire universe of intimate family life seen through the eyes of the artist unfolds before the viewer's gaze. This is a visual-anthropological journey into the family, which is our first reference point as human beings in this world. Similar to writers who tell a tale, the artists spread out before us a visual narrative. Human and aesthetic bonds, anecdotes from within family life, events, and relationships: some are in a penetrating documentary style, and other draw on a more fictional representation.

This exhibition offers a look at contemporary photography and video art from Israel that conducts a diolog with images taken from personal and collective memory.



Catalogue to the exhibition € 24,90



Galia Gur-Ze’ev

Ronit Eden