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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unexposed. Munich Photographers in Exile

As part of this year's series of exhibitions on photography, the exhibition "Unexposed. Munich Photographers in Exile" focuses on the life and work of three photographers, largely unknown in Germany, who emigrated to Palestine in the 1930s: Alfons Himmelreich (1904-1993), Efrem Ilani (1910-1999), and Jakob Rosner (1902-1950). They were among those photographers who documented the land of Israel as a British mandate and the subsequent creation of the State of Israel since 1945 with their cameras, and who made a decisive mark on the historical image of Israel in the collective memory. The pictures by Himmelreich, Ilani and Rosner in the exhibition are being shown for the first time ever in Germany and highlight their remarkable work.


Catalogue to the exhibition € 24,90


Curator: Tatjana Neef

Exhibition design: Juliette Israël