Colltecting Images [01]
The Jewish World and the Wittelsbach Dynasty

Exhibition Catalogue

The first exhibition in the year-long series Collecting Images is dedicated to the collecting of Jewish objects in Munich throughout history. It explores the role of Jewish culture in the self-representation of ruling houses, and examines what defines an object as Jewish.
Albrecht V's Renaissance cabinet of art and curiosities included a case with "Jewish implements", and the Court Library also owned precious Hebrew manuscripts from its inception. These Judaica had become available as a result of the expuslion and dispossession of Jews in the late Middle Ages. In contrast, the Bavarian National Museum - the third collection assembled by the Wittelsbach dynasty - reflects a time when Jews were permitted to live in Munich and moved into the city from Bavaria's rural communities and from eastern Europe.

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Collecting Images 01
The Jewish World and the Wittelsbach Dynasty
Exhibtion catalogue
Edited by Dr. Barbara Staudinger
Edition Minerva, 2007
64 pages, illustrated
ISBN 978-3-938832-16-5
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