Permanent Exhibition


The Jewish Museum Munich is a place which encourages open discussion. Our aim is to cover the whole spectrum of Jewish history, art, and culture right up to the present day. The permanent exhibition provides an insight into the culture and history of Munich from a Jewish perspective. Munich is a city of newcomers—of people from the surrounding area and from far away who have decided to settle in Munich and become part of this metropolis.

The first installation VOICES highlights Jewish families and individuals who arrived in Munich over the past 200 years. Each of the audio tracks introduces the story of a person’s life which led them to Munich, even if only for a few years.

The installations PLACES and PICTURES illustrate the different lifeworlds and activities which Munich’s Jews developed for themselves—ranging from a Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry to emigrants and the congregation’s rabbis.

The exhibition section RITUALS provides an introduction to religious traditions in the family and in the synagogue by means of Jewish ritualobjects and takes a look at Jewish festivals and religious holidays as well.

A comic by the illustrator Jordan B. Gorfinkel focuses on the beginnings of a new Jewish life after 1945 up to the present day. 

Tours of the permanent exhibition are available for school classes and groups.

Curator: Jutta Fleckenstein
Exhibition design: Architekt Martin Kohlbauer, Vienna