Our special offer

Schulklasse im Jüdischen Museum München © Daniel Schvarcz

for refugees, integration and German language courses

Education facilities for refugees and integration and language course participants are welcome to make use of the museum’s wide range of special offers. Our visitor assistants are trained in the fundamentals of language acquisition. We work in small groups of under 10 participants to be able to cater for individual language abilities, interests, and backgrounds. So that we can look after groups as best as possible, please book your time slot around two weeks in advance.

Please register some 2 weeks before the time of your intended visit so that we can offer the best possible care for the groups.



ffree, no separate admissision fee necessary

Number of participants
Please book in advance

Planning your visit
Do you have any questions? Please give us a ring on +49 89 233 29402 or send us an e-Mail.


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