Mission Statement

The Jewish Museum is an institution run by the City of Munich. Its goal is to provide a forum for open discussion and to introduce the tremendous breadth of Jewish history, art, and culture including present day Jewish life. While the museum examines the Shoah’s devastating impact on all levels of Jewish life, it resists giving the Holocaust alone pride of place.

Rather than representing Jewish history and culture as an encyclopedic, completed history, the Jewish Museum functions as a living laboratory shaped by a constant dialogue with its visitors. Questions about the present and the future can here be interpreted and discussed with the help of knowledge gained from the past. Jewish history, culture, and art are not understood as a one-track evolution, but as a convergence of widely divergent worlds, memories, and identities, shaped by the interaction between Jewish and non-Jewish spheres.

In no way will the museum’s presentations seek to encourage stereotypes of Jewish ways of life, Jewish history and Jewish identity. The Jewish Museum rather sees its mission as fostering an awareness for social equality, opportunity, and tolerance in the face of vast differences in religious, intellectual and everyday areas of life.

In dialogue with academic and cultural institutions worldwide, the Jewish Museum fosters and conducts research on Jewish history, art, and culture.

Rather than targeting a particular audience, the museum invites everyone – Munich residents, guests from inside and outside the country, students, Jews, and non-Jews – to gather at this open forum from which they can also explore Jewish Munich.