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Image from the temporary exhibition "War! Jews between the fronts 1914-1918"

Hanukkah service, 1916, on the Eastern Front © Jewish Museum Frankfurt, S. Ajnwojner Collection

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Jews between the fronts 1914-1918

July 7, 2014 through February 22, 2015

World War I broke out 100 years ago, and the world and its established order came apart at the seams. Civilization and history experienced a rupture of unprecedented proportions. In this commemorative year, the exhibition WAR ! JEWS BETWEEN THE FRONTS 1914–1918 at the Jewish Museum Munich, addresses the historical event of World War I from a Jewish perspective. The focus is on the experiences of Jewish German soldiers and their families between 1914 and 1918. Through letters sent from the front, diaries, photographs, and other personal objects, this historical cataclysm is broken up into individually experienced and described moments, and as such becomes easier to grasp. The patriotism of many German Jews and their war effort also play a role, as do the rebellious literary contributions of others. Profoundly disturbing everyday life in the trenches and the religious aspect, as experienced by Jewish soldiers during the war, are similarly investigated. The exhibition also traces how increasing anti-Semitism between 1914–1918 led to the ostracism of Jewish soldiers within the military services, and caused a “war” on the subject of commemoration and the power of historical interpretation on a sociopolitical level after 1918, which has left its mark on the culture of memory in Germany to this day.

Curator: Ulrike Heikaus
Exhibition architecture: IGLHAUT + von GROTE, Berlin

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