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Views into the temporary exhibition, Jewish Museum Munich, photos: Franz Kimmel

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Clichés of Jews and Others

October 6, 2010 through March 6,2011

An Exhibition by the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Jewish Museum Vienna

»typical! Clichés of Jews and Others« is an exhibition about the stereotyped seeing, perceiving, and compartmentalizing of images and objects. Stereotypes and clichés are an integral part of our perception that shape our image of ourselves and of “others” and our sense of belonging to a group or a nation separate from other groups and nations. It’s impossible to imagine pop culture without characterizations and classifications, which through their simplification help us to overcome our fear of the unknown, but at the same time can also provide us with a breeding ground for racist ideologies.


Previous destinations:
Jewish Museum Berlin: 20 March to 3 August 2008
Spertus Institute Chicago: 26 September 2008 to 18 January 2009
Jewish Museum Vienna: 7 February to 21 June 2009


Find more: www.jmberlin.de/typisch/