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Exhibition in the study area "Samson's Lamp - A Hanukkah Lamp once owned by the Wertheimer Family"

Hanukka Lamp Haberstadt, 1713, collection of Dr. David und Jemima Jeselshon, Switzerland

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Samson's Lamp
A Hanukkah Lamp once owned by the Wertheimer Family

November 26, 2013 through March 16, 2014
Exhibition in the Study Area

Around 1715, the famous Austrian Court Jew, Samson Wertheimer, acquired a silver Hanukkah lamp in Frankfurt am Main. Almost 300 years later, this lamp surfaced at a New York auctioneers, was recognized as looted art, and restituted to the heirs of the owner who had fled Germany during the Shoah.

The exhibition in the Study Area traces the history of this lamp, which is also connected to that of Munich. Around the middle of the 18th century it was owned by Samson Wertheimer's son, Simon Wolf Wertheimer, a moneylender to the Bavarian Court living in Munich. In 1929, art collector Michael Berolzheimer from near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and art historian Theodor Harburger from Munich researched the history of the lamp, which at that time had passed to descendants living in Hanover. Their research made it possible for the lamp to be returned later to the rightful heirs.

Curator: Bernhard Purin
Exhibition Design: Martin Kohlbauer
Copy Editing: Irene Krauss
Graphic Design: Haller & Haller
Translation: Christopher Wynne
Dr. Susan L. Braunstein, The Jewish Museum, New York
Dr. David Jeselsohn, Zürich
Dr. Hanno Loewy, Jüdisches Museum Hohenems
Prof. Dr. Vivian B. Mann, Jewish Theological Seminary, New York
Dr. Johannes Reiss, Österreichisches Jüdisches Museum, Eisenstadt
John Ward, Sotheby’s New York