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Exhibition in the study area "Politics For Munich - The Businessman Moritz Guggenheimer (1825–1902)"

Franz von Lenbach, Protrait Moritz Guggenheimer, 1825-1902 © Jewish Museum Munich

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Politics For Munich
The Businessman Moritz Guggenheimer (1825–1902)

April 2 through October 4, 2014

Munich 1870. With a large majority, the highly respected
businessman Moritz Guggenheimer was the first Jewish resident
of Munich to be elected Chairman of the “Kollegium der
Gemeindebevollmächtigten”—the most important political
committee representing the citizens of Munich. This was a
pivotal signal for the emancipation of Jews in Bavaria. Many
contemporaries also saw the significance of this nomination.
Guggenheimer was to participate in determining the fortunes
of Munich for a decade and complete or instigate important
local infrastructure projects, such as the construction of the
slaughterhouse and stockyard, the waterworks, and the
extension of the sewerage system. Polemic, anti-Semitic
attacks prompted Guggenheimer to pull out of politics in 1881.

A previously unknown portrait by the artist Franz von Lenbach,
gifted to the Jewish Museum Munich from a private collection,
forms the focal point of this presentation, which takes a look
at the politician Moritz Guggenheimer and the contribution he
made to Munich on the path to becoming a major modern city.

Curator: Dr. Andreas Heusler, Stadtarchiv München