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Schalom Ben-Chorin, Jerusalem 1986

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

In the Land between two Rivers: Schalom Ben-Chorin's Life between the Isar and the Jordan

June 9, 2010 through September 12, 2010
Exhibition in the Study Area


In the Land between Two Rivers: Schalom Ben-Chorin’s In a fictional “land between two rivers,” between the Isar and the Jordan, the Munich-born writer Schalom Ben-Chorin went in search of and found his heimat. Ben-Chorin wrote most of his publications in his mother tongue. For someone uprooted from his homeland, this language was not just a means of literary expression; it offered him a form of protection and a place to which he could withdraw from the tension brought about by the loss of rights and expulsion, by emigration and integration.

This exhibition shows photographs and documents from Schalom Ben-Chorin’s estate that have never been displayed before.

An exhibition by Dr. Andreas Heusler from the City Archive Munich in conjunction with the Jewish Museum Munich.