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Plate, brass, etched, mark: HS/M (=Heinrich Schwed / Munich), Munich, c. 1924, diameter: 32,5 cm, Jewish Museum Munich

Plate, brass, etched, inscriptions: H. Schwed / Munich 1924 and Chaim be Nordechai haLevi, Munich, c. 1924, diameter: 10,5 cm, collection of Ira and Brigitte Rezak, Stony Brook NY

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Heinrich Schwed - Signs and Metalwork

Judaica from a Craftsman's Workshop in Munich
Exhibition in the study area
March 3, through August 30, 2009

Unlike other cities such as Augsburg, Frankfurt or Berlin, Munich was never a center for the manufacturing of Jewish ritual objects. Only very litlle Judaica from workshops in Munich is known to date.

The Jewish Museum Munich has recently acquired four plates with Hebrew inscriptions, designed and made in the mid 1920s by a craftsman who has remained unknown to date. Judaica made by the same person - now around 30 pieces in number - has been identified in several public and private Judaica collections in Germany, Israel and the USA. Most of the objects bear the monogram "HS/M", some with the addition of the Hebrew name "Chaim be Mordechai haLevi", with one object being signes "H. Sched / Munich", and have been attributed to the sign-maker and craftsman Heinrich Schwed of Munich.

curator: Bernhard Purin
Biographical Research: Sabine Brantl